5 thoughts on “what does it mean on a SMART CAR, when a triangle flashes up with explanation mark in the middle?

  1. Check the instruments and for open doors. Your Owners hand book should be read cover to cover it takes only a 30 minutes to 1 hour to learn about your transportation module. Smart Cars are Transportation Modules (to Small to be called real cars)

  2. It might be something to do with the brakes. In Canada, the triangle with the exclamation mark means your E-brake is on and you need to release it. (This is for all cars, but for a Smart Car w/ triangle flashing… this is new to me).

  3. The triangle with the exclamation mark in the centre is for the ESP (Electronic Stability Program). When it’s flashing on and off it indicates the ESP is working, if it stays on the ESP may have a fault and should be checked by the dealer.

    “If the ESP indicator light in the instrument cluster flashes, proceed as follows:
    -Only depress the accelerator as far as necessary when driving off.
    -Ease off on the accelerator when driving.
    -Adapt your driving style to the road, traffic, and weather conditions.
    The car could otherwise start to swerve. ESP is unable to reduce the risk of an accident if you are driving too fast.”

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