One thought on “i went into a email address to apply to win a smart car and it will not allow me to enter?

  1. It’s a scam anyway. Be thankful that you did not get in. You may have exposed yourself to a whole lot of spam or Phishing scams though.

    Set up your Spam Protection.
    1. Click on the “Options”, Mail Options link in the upper right of your yahoo mail page.
    2. Click on “Spam” in the left navigation bar.
    3. Fill out the form and click the “Save Changes” link at the top left.
    Once you have this set up, each time you see spam or mail that you want to block, check the box next to it, go to the top of the email list and click the “Spam” button.

    Note: Every message you report trains your Spam Guard filters to work better for you. The messages you select in this way will be deleted and reported as spam.
    The senders of the messages will be added to your “Blocked Addresses” list.

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