Considering purchasing a Smart Car?

smart car

Hey everyone! We’re considering a few different cars right now, and we like the idea of a Smart Car but since it doesn’t have the best warranty so we need to know a bit more about it. Can it be serviced anywhere other than at Smart Car dealerships? For those who own one, have you had a positive experience with the car? Any pros/cons or other tips would be much appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Considering purchasing a Smart Car?

  1. The Pro is that you save a lot of gas. The Con is that when the soccer mom in that full size SUV hits you….you will turn into a human pancake. Remember, car safety ratings are given for impacts vs vehicles in the same class. So you may do pretty well against a Miata. I’m not a big believer that everyone should be driving around in tanks but, consider a vehicle with at least some sheet metal for protection.

    Smart car crash vs Mercedes C class

  2. The damn car costs almost the same as a honda civic or toyota corolla. It is so slow like trying to whip a cow to get it going. The positive thing is that it’s easy to park in any small space. I know it’s rated 4 stars in crash test, but I don’t feel safe being hit by big suv, big rig, or any other big cars. It feels like crushing an aluminum can.

  3. I think only the dealership will have parts and going to another dealer may void any warranty you might have. Personally I would consider a Toyota, Honda or the really fine Ford Focus.

  4. It averages 36mpg. You get 1/4 of a normal size car. You pay same price as regular car.

    Friend has one and it gets boring cause you wont have any room for anything. Recommend getting a Scion Xb or Xa type of car that is compact but sporty with tons or room.

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