Why would anyone buy a “Smart” car over a Toyota Yaris or a Honda Fit?

smart car

They cost about the same as normal economy cars and they have less room. Is the car really worth getting for 6-8 extra mpg’s?

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No. Never buy a small car, because when a car crashes into the side of your vehicle, it can fly in the air, literally. Get a more solid vehicle, like the Honda Civic or Pontiac G5.

I wouldn’t buy any of them. They’re not to my taste, and small cars are notoriously unsafe.

Nobody would buy one. For such an unconventional car, it sure gets conventional gas mileage. A 1995 Corolla would walk all over its fuel efficiency. Or a 79 Rabbit, or Datsun 210, or just about any subcompact ever made.

I certainly don’t think it’s worth 6-8 extra MPG’s.

I don’t care what kind of safety rating it’s got, once it’s hit by an SUV, you better hope you make it out alive.

Not to mention these cars are impractical.

These cars will work in Europe or other countries with not much spaces on the road. But, it’s just not meant for US.

the Honda Fit is the best.

I would buy a Smart car before I bought a Yaris

the Toyota is poorly designed, the engine is noisy and the Hwy ride is miserable over 50 mph. The brakes are bad and the center mounted gauges are annoying.

the Smart & the Yaris are best suited for short trips in the City, If you get on the Hwy you’ll be disappointed.

Maybe because they like it better. Not everyone has the same taste in cars, that’s why they sell more than one model.

FYI, the Toyota Yaris has one of the lowest customer satisfaction ratings of anything on the road.

The Honda Fit’s base price is $2,500 more than the fourtwo. That plus spending less on gas most likely makes the fourtwo a cheaper car to own.

Not everyone in the world needs back seats, especially if you have more than one car (and most US households do). There are millions of people riding around in motorcycles, are they all morons because they can’t carry four people?

I wouldn’t get the Smart car over the Yaris or the Fit.

I don’t like any of those cars mentioned but among them, I would go with the Fit though. Not really feeling the Yaris’ design.

As for the Smart Car, its gas mileage just can’t be justified with everything considered. It’s only by 6-8 mpg’s and that’s pretty disappointing considering there are other cars that are safer, bigger, and are way more practical. Not to mention, the gas mileage isn’t that much worse than the Smart Car.

Also, I would like to comment on what one of the persons said earlier. I can’t see how you can compare the Smart Car to a motorcycle. Some motorcycles can get up to 60-70 mpg and you can pretty much park anywhere literally. In terms of practicality, they’re both pretty bad but neither vehicle was designed for it.

With the Smart Car, you’ll still need to find a decent amount of space to park, although not much. In addition, with all these big SUV’s running around in the U.S., smaller vehicles like Smart Car, bikes, etc. are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to safety. In Asia, Europe, and others, you won’t see as many SUV’s running around so it may work better with them. Plus, in many of the parts in Europe and Asia, space is an issue.

All in all, in my opinion, Smart Car doesn’t really excel in anything. If anything, it compromises safety more than other small cars. Plus, did I mention it requires PREMIUM gas?

ALSO, please see this video and judge it for yourself.

It’s getting hit by a Mercedes, I can’t image how it’d handle if it was hit by an SUV.

I would definitely choose the Scion XD or the Honda Fit..(well, I did choose the Scion XD)….

The Smart car looks like a glorified golf cart…and the Yaris was disappointing….

But the Scion XD (made by Toyota) IMO is the better looking twin to the Honda fit for less money… is a comparison video:

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