why is the smart car bad?

smart car

i am doing a research paper on why smart cars should be banned because they are dangerous to people. I wanna know every detail why you think the smart car is a bad car nationwide =]

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the car might be too smart and do stuff even though we didnt command it to do so like those in the movies…

Banned? By whom? The government?? Since when does the government have the right to ban an automobile? It’s no more dangerous than any other car on the road — they all have to meet strict crash test standards including head-on barrier and roll-over tests. Don’t think that just because they are small they are particularly dangerous. If we give in to this way of thinking then we ban motorcycles, jet skis, four wheelers and snowmobiles. Where does it stop then? Skateboards, bicycles, skydiving, scuba diving, hunting, mountain climbing? These are all much, MUCH more dangerous than those stupid little Smart cars and just think of all the lives that could be saved and injuries that could be prevented. Heck, why not ban football? People get hurt every game —

This is idiocy…..

Because it will make too many doctors declare Bankruptcy – after all, with out all the fumes from an ICE or Diesel engine, fewer people will have respiratory issues, so they’ll visit the doctor less…that’s for the electric version, by the way.

For the gas/diesel versions, because they are so small, even the simplest crash with a larger vehicle will cause serious injuries.

(On the flip side, all larger vehicles should be outlawed because of the damage they can do to a smaller vehicle! 😉 )

the only bad thing that i see is that its too small when its driven on the highway next to nothing but trucks and suvs…which is scary since most southern californian suv and truck drivers are pretty reckless…

1. its made by Mercedes so the parts are expensive. 2. its very very VERY unsafe. looks like if it gets it by a ford explorer it’ll look like a 18 wheeler hit it. 3. speaking of 18 wheelers…… can they even see these things on the interstate?

every car is bad. the biggest disadvantages to a smart car are the speed restriction and the lack of crash safety (hence the speed restriction lol).

They are not dangerous.
The egg shape design of the high strength steel frame can only bend if you crash it inrto a brick wall at 60mph. And it will not bend a alot. people inside would be safe. It is like a rollcage on a racecar.

But they are bad cars. They only offer the sluggish and boring Automatic transmission. The Smart Fortwo design came out in 1998 in Europe, 2004 in Canada, and 2008 in U.S.A. That means the “New” 2008 Smart Fortwo is actually an 11 year old design. It may be new to the U.S., but it is old technology.

And for such a small and lightweight car, it gets very bad gas mileage. It should be gettibg 50mpg, not 41mpg highway.

Well the reason why I think they should ban the smart car is because it is very dangerous to humans and people around it. There was one time that there was an accident that the smart car malfunctioned and the car jerked to the right and hit people on the sidewalk. The police said that computer didn’t work right so the wheels just suddenly just stopped and the driver couldn’t control the car so it hit people on the sidewalk. The other reason why they should ban the smart car is because the safety in that little car is dangerous. You get hit a car or a car hits you and then your dead because the car is very little and is not very strong when it comes to collisions. But there is one good thing about it. The mpg. If your the type of person that doesn’t care about safety and drive a lot then this car is perfect for you.

Owners have a few complaints. I’ve seen worse. Look for yourself:

People say that motorcycles are bad and every rider is a deadman in the making. You can fall and hit your head and die just walking down the sidewalk, if you want to make an absolute judgement. People need to be careful and actually learn to drive. It seems to be a lost art these days. The Smart is no worse than a Cadillac. The Smart may get all torn up after colliding with something bigger or it might tear a moped all to hell, hitting one of those. We shouldn’t think of vehicles like fighters in combat.

First of all most of t fron is glass anything could go right through that. Second its tiny it would be crushed by everything. In a crash a honda civic would make out better than a smart car. third it gets only like 31 miles to the gallon for being so small thats HORRIBLE. The toyota prius (granted I hate the prius) gets way better gas mileage and can seat 5 people instead of two. And another thing that guy is an idiot Colorado banned all Nissan Skylines do to the high rising street racing population and 80% of Street races were done in Skylines. Yes the goverment can ban a car if they want to they just need a reason to. Although I doubt that the smart car could be banned because they are actually making money and are cheap even if they are crappy. I totally agree with you though we should have never brought them to America. The other problem is that tall people (6 feet up) can hardly fit trust me. When I got in my friends my knees were against my chest. There is Virtually no trunk space that is another big problem

They’re not exactly dangerous, but not really safe, either. They’re made of steel, so the people inside will not be dead in an accident. Plus, the 70 hp engine on the 1815 lb. Smart requires 91 gas, (made by Mercedes-Benz) and the mileage itself is 41 mpg, which was expected to be about 50-60 mpg.

Lets see here.

It got some of the highest crash test ratings of all subcompacts

It is owned by Daimler and Mercedes

Some drivers experience 50+ mpg

Parks anywhere

Great when gas prices are a killer

Speed limited to 90mph

0-60 in about 10-11.8 seconds (09 models and USB ugraded 08’s)

Tridion Safety Cell

Exchangable body panels that cost not even a fraction of the cost of traditional body parts

ESP – Uses Bosch Stability Control systems to keep you from a wipe out

Hill Start Assist – so you don’t fly back when starting up a hill

Roomy – It fits some of the biggest people (Shaq bought one)

Luxury – cabrio model – pano roof – A/C – iPod compatible stereo with optional subs – on 08 and early 09 models had Automatic headlights and automatic wipers

Halogen Headlights provide the path through the night

Rear mounted engine – provides extra traction and torque

Side airbags – an addon to the already rigid NASCAR quality safety cell

Turning radius of 27ft

Uses synthetic oil

low emission vehicle

low MSRP sticker price

custom made for you or pick up an orphan

OMG sorry but I just told you the good things!!!

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