Where can iI get a smart car, and how much do they cost?

smart car

I want one of those tiny smart cars like in the movie sleepover.

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Go to a dealership and ask them , they should help. Personally i would not buy one. If you ever get into an accident with one , you pretty much dead.

go to a dealership
and they are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive, like around 25,000
but the car will pay off for itself in the gas it saves very fast,

best place to look for one is the internet .. search it on a dealer website
i recomend that you dont get one
your life will depend on it
because many safety equipment in the car is not included

the basic smart cars, brand new at dealerships cost around $12,000. They should cost half that price…

Go to your local dealer and ask them about them. they are totally cute!

Just got the USA website for Smart Car and it will give you the details. They are in hi demand but you you can put down a $99 reserve fee for one.

dont buy a smart car. please. there are better safer cars out there around the same price that get very good milage.

Look at the Hyundai Accent, Nissan Versa, and the Suzuki SX4. Sure they might not look unique but you wont die.

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