when will the smart car come to the us?

smart car

will we ever come up with alternative fuel?

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well, there is a brand called smart that is called the smart car…but it runs on gasoline. and those are already on the market…if you mean a car that runs on hydrogen or something of the likes…there is an extended range electric car called the Aptera that is set to hit the market in 2011…its pretty much a super-hybrid, and averages 300mpgs.

You mean those stupid little toy cars that could pass for a golf cart. Some idiots were already dumb enough to buy them,so I would say there already out there. What’s smart about them I just don’t see it.

We probably already have it, im sure gready oil barons, and share holders dont want it to reach the market. How many of the worlds rich would see their stocks plumit if the smart car got out?

It came out over 3 months ago.
There are Smart Dealerships nest to Mercedes Dealerships.
I see them on the road at least twice a month and I have been to the Smart dealership 3 months ago.
No alternative fuel for the car.

It is not even that fuel efficient. The bigger faster Civic and Corolla have the exact same gas mileage, but they are more reliable and better cars.

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