When will the “Smart Car” be available in the US?

smart car

They are so popular in Europe, even Canada, but we can’t buy one and bring it across the border. I’ve seen on TV they’re coming but no dates. I’ve even contacted Chrysler to no avail.

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They are here already…or maybe you need to ship it over. I wouldn’t count on recieving dates or anything, if you really want one, for what unknown reason I don’t even care to ask, look into shipping it over from Europe.

I’ve never seen one here in america but we need them STAT! These gas prices are out of control!

DETROIT – DaimlerChrysler AG will team with former auto racer and businessman Roger Penske to sell a funky and fuel-efficient two-seat car in the U.S. starting early in 2008, the automaker’s CEO said Wednesday.

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