Whats the price of a used Fiat 500, or a any type of Smart car (for the United States)?

smart car

I don’t have my license yet and I’m looking for cars. Can you buy either of the cars in a cute shade of green?

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what is a used fiat 500 is that a roller skare or a motorized scooter???? one of the little short stoves is about 15k

Well the Fiat 500 isn’t available here in the states, hopefully with the purchase of Chrysler by Fiat, they’ll bring it along with other small cars.
Of course, theres always the Smart which is available here in the states. The price of a used Smart depends on where you live, its mileage, its features, and what year it is.
Its an average of between $14k and $21k for a used Smart.

Used Smart cars (funny, I know) shouldn’t be worth more than $5000 after a year or two.

Of course, why a new, inexperienced driver would want one…that’s the bigger mystery.

When I was a new driver I hit two or three posts with my 1969 VW Beetle. All I needed to replace was fenders. A Smart car…totalled.

The Fiat 500 has never been sold in the USA. Fiat has not sold any cars in the USA for over 20 years.

The Smart car is a car that costs more than a Corolla, gets poorer mileage than a Corolla, has less room than a Corolla and only the dealers will service them. And since the US dealer network is Mercedes Benz, they charge Mercedes Benz prices.

A Smart car sells for $11,990 to $20,990 depending on equipment. The Fiat 500 just came out in Europe and will not be available in the U.S. until after 2010. I don’t know what a cute shade of green would be but most inexpensive cars have a limited choice of colors and green usually is not one of them.

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