What would happen if you were driving a Smart Car and got in a Car Accident?

smart car

I mean the Car has like a 1 star Safety rating. If you get hit by another car, your toast.

Like these cars:
I’m being Sarcastic, I know it doesnt have a 1 star safety rating, but you get my point.

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On Youtube there are many videos that are on this very subject. My favorite video is where a Smart Car is smashed into a Mercedes S-Class, the Smart Car literally rolls away like a soccer ball.

The Smart Car in a Car Accident with another Car would become a mart Car or a Smar Car (dependent on whether it was a FRONT or a REAR end ‘Shunt’ or the Smart Car would become a mar Car if it was involved in a FRONT & REAR end ‘Shunt’ at the SAME time with other Cars / Vehicles etc. !

What NO Sense of Humour ? Doh !

I guess you will be toast if your in a Smart Car and an Expedition, Escalade or Hummer hits you head on, doing 50mph. I guess a Smart car is too short to T-bone also (its about as long as other vehicles are wide) – wonder what you would call that???:-)

Either way, physics is physics, a small vehicle being hit by a big one is ugly – and the passengers (and driver) of the smaller vehicle will be more likely to be injured than passengers of a larger vehicle.

No such thing as a smart car if the driver’s not smart right?

At the end of the top gear clip Jeremy points out that it’s the sudden impact of such a small frame that will tear the organs up.

You know, if a kid lost his basketball and it rolled out in front of the smart car the thing would probably tip over. Can you imagine driving that little teacup on a windy day?

In all seriousness, if a normal size car hit it, it would be toast and you would be toast.

That car wouldn’t be so smart after the accident now would it? I’m sure your car would have to wear a helmet after that one.

I was in Europe and the UK recently. The cars were referred to as the decapitators by many, because they routinely decapitate the occupants when they run into the back of a truck or larger vehicle. Most often in minor accidents. (imagine what they would do in a major accident!) It apparently has happened frequently.
There is no reason for such an unsafe alternative in the name of environmental efficiency or fuel efficiency. You would be safer on a bicycle with a helmet.
Economy has never had such a bad choice.

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