What is the monthly Payments on a Smart Car?

smart car

Does anyone know what is the average monthly payment on those cars?
How many years can you finance them?
How much down payment do you need?

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Monthly payment depends on amount financed and interest rate.
Those cars sell here for 16 grand for the basic car and according to the newspaper with zero down it is $275 per month for 6 years at zero interest


The monthly payment depends on alot of things. 1-the amount you are financing 2-The credit score you have and the rate for your score 3-downpayment you are willing to put down 4-The lenght of time you want to finance the loan for. Most dealership will ask for a 10% down. You are best to go to your credit union and see if they can finance you and for the amount they will finance. This way you can save money from the dealers.

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