What do you think about the SMART car?

smart car

I would still have my other car, 2001 VW Jetta

for a guy would the smart car be ok; I live in dc (washington dc) and it would be great on gas and parking.

I think it’s cool, very european.

But I just wanted to hear from the rest of you

would it be ok for a guy to drive???
it did amazingly well at a head on crash at 70 mph…

speed channel

this would mostly be used for city driving and running errands
“dosent go past 60 mph”

that’s ignorant… it’s governed to 90 mph

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I saw one the other day when I was driving through Simi Valley, CA, in my friend’s big ol’ gas-guzzling v10 hauling a horse to an event. Those things are weird looking. Even weirder than those geo metros. I’m sure that they get some awesome milage, but they really look hap hazzardous. I’d be too afraid of getting into a wreck if there was a strong wind.

I really wouldn’t be too worried if you looked good in the car or not. If you want to save money then it’s the way to go. If you want to look good get a muscle car and spend a lot on fuel. 🙂

Its a funny looking thing this. I tell you what tho, it is a bit pricey. Its ok for a errand car, but man that’s one small and expensive errand car. Oh and by the way, it may have done fine in the head on collision or what not, but I actually seen it being tested on handling and it is comparable to a bag of potatoes. Sorry mate, it just cant handle for nothing, especially when its slippery. So I would be cautious buying it.

I like how they look. In the UK they even have a sport model, several models. If I need a commuting car I’d get one over a hybrid. I hate hybrids. There are models in Europe that get 60 mpg, if the US model gets near that I could look past it’s size and shape. I just hope it’s price is reasonable.

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