What are the pros and cons of a Mini Cooper S and a Smart Car?

smart car

I’m trying to decide which to buy, I’m leaning toward a Mini but I need a convincing argument because someone else is buying the car for me. If you have any support such as articles, that is greatly appreciated.

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Honestly the Smart car is not very good. The Mini is OK for what it is, but it’s interior is TINY and there is no cargo room for anything.

Look into the Honda Fit. It’s fuel milage is only a little worse than the smart, but still better than the mini, It handles just as well as a mini and it has more interior room than either car. Plus it’s a honda so it will be reliable as anything.

Wait for the clubman, mini. You already asked this question before….. I still think the Mini is da way to go!


If this will be your only car, the Mini is definitely the way to go. At least the Mini has rear seats and some storage area when the rear seats are folded down.

The Smart car makes a poor sole vehicle but as a secondary car or commuter car, it can be an excellent choice. The Smart car has lots of room ( I’ve driven it ) for two people OR one person and luggage BUT not both.

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