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I am thinking of buying a car. I wonder how good are the Smart Cars in snowing winter weather.


Pros they fit everywhere and they are eco-friendly
Cons I you get hit your car finishes all messed and almost unfixable in winter conditions the tires slip a bit,but they are good cars

DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE WHO SAYS THEY ARENT SAFE. ive gone through about every single crash test video for this car. it has a 5 star crash rating! they are small and light weight so they do bounce violently but when the car crashes, the front end of the car does a great job! i looked at a crash test at close to 45mph and the cars doors were still able to open. despite the small size of the vehicle, its safe! no one has died in a smart car crash yet so there must be something safe about them. i went to the dealership for smart. the car is made of extremely high quality steel. a new design from mercedes that started about 5 years ago. everything is framed with this steel. even the seats are welded down and framed with this steel and the car is very roomy on the inside, so getting crushed by the car is no problem you have to worry about. it has anti-lock brakes and stability control. lets say you go up on 2 wheels, or hydroplane. the car automatically shifts the weight to the side in the air and brings in back to the ground. go on youtube and watch the crash tests. this is a safe vehicle and i hate how people automatically assume the car is extremely unsafe. it is the safest small car in america. many people thank their smart cars when they do get into bad crashes cause the car kept them safe and allive though the car acts like a bouncy ball, its does protect the occupants inside. and on top of all that, the car has airbags everywhere. you would be crazy not to consider a car like this. plus, it gets good full consumption. about 40 to 45 mpg. easy to park. reliable/made by mercedes benz. and comfortable.

A pro of the car is that you won’t have to take your in-laws anywhere if you and your spouse drive to dinner.

A con. The car isn’t much cheaper than a Honda Fit which has gas milage of 28/35 and 117 HP and 106 torque compared with the smart fortwo 33/41 and 70 HP and 68 torque. It will take you 12 seconds to accelerate your smart car to 60mph. Imagine trying to get out of the way of an accident or accelerating to get on the highway.


Here’s my long answer with true facts and research, not just opinions.

– To start off the smart has some of the lowest insurance costs in all of the USA.
– Traction is very good in the snow (especially with snow tires.)
– It got some of the highest crash test ratings of all subcompacts
– It is owned by Daimler and Mercedes
– Some drivers with a feather of a foot can reach around 50mpg
– EPA Estimated 33/41 mpg
– Parks anywhere
– Great when gas prices are a killer
– Speed limited to 90mph
– 0-60 in about 12.8 seconds. The fastest recorded was by Motorweek at 12.2 seconds.
– USB 2.0 Upgrade makes the transmission shift faster and smoother.
– Tridion Safety Cell
– Exchangable body panels that cost not even a fraction of the cost of traditional body parts
– ESP – Uses Bosch Stability Control systems to help keep you from losing control of your smart.
– Hill Start Assist – so you don’t fly back when starting up a hill
– Roomy – It fits some of the biggest people (Shaq bought one)
– Luxury – cabrio model – pano roof – A/C – iPod compatible stereo with optional subs – on 08 and early 09 models had Automatic headlights and automatic wipers
– Halogen Headlights provide the path through the night
– Rear mounted engine – helps to provide better traction to the road. It also eliminates the need for the extra bulky parts required for a front engine. Also without a front engine, the front end of the vehicle could be as space saving as possible
– Side airbags – an addon to the already rigid NASCAR quality safety cell
– Turning radius of 27ft
– Uses synthetic oil
– Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV)
– low MSRP sticker price
– custom made for you or pick up an orphan

There are 4 US trims available, all current model 451 smart fortwo…

The pure – $11,990 – all the essentials, nothing else, not even AC

The passion coupe – $13,990 – the smart in its luxury form, options go on from a premium sound system with tweeters, mid-range, and a subwoofer to the comfort package with leather seating, seat heating, power steering, and fog lamps, panorama roof designed by Bayer Material Sciences is included.

The passion cabriolet – $16,990 – this smart comes with everything that the passion coupe can have but with a cabriolet roof. One touch and the roof will open like a sun roof. Another touch and it’ll move into a full convertible position. This can be done at any speed. To add on, you could remove the upper Tridion Cell bars to full the effect.

The BRABUS coupe and cabriolet – $17,990-$20,990 – BRABUS is just one of Mercedes Benz’s most famous modifiers. The US versions come with an upgraded exhaust system and suspension upgrades along with the BRABUS styling and body kits.

There are more models one could obtain in the USA by the “grey market” These are:

The smart city coupe – this is the original smart fortwo, made for Europe and is imported to the USA by G&K. These come in very limited numbers and are actually shorter than the USA model.

The smart roadster – this is the fastest smart to come off the production line. These had a limited production of only 5,000 models. These were never imported to the USA and got here by other means (military, ect.). These are extremely rare to find in the states and as the numbers aren’t solid, there’s probably less than 50 of these roadsters in the USA, making it a very rare find. They don’t have an electronic limiter so they’re top speed is whatever your red line is in 6th gear. Stock red line is at 125mph.

As for safety the smart has received the highest ratings of all subcompacts. And has received the IIHS highest rating of “GOOD”

In roof crush tests, the smart beat the competition by a mile because roof crush is over 9,000 pounds. It earned “GOOD” in this test aswell.

‘The smart brand (spelled in lowercase by the manufacturer) is a combination of Swatch, Mercedes and ART. The Swatch company had the idea for removeable body panels, but is no longer involved with the smart’. The smart brand continued this idea of low cost, high quality removeable body panels to this day.

And because of this, the smart was the only car to pass the IIHS’ 2.5 mph bumper test. The damage caused to the vehicle would have to cost less than $500.The smart’s body panel totalled around $190. All others had failed because of their poorly designed and expensive bumpers.

The smart plant in Hambach, France opened its doors in 1998 rolling the first city coupe off the line. But smart’s roots go all the way back to around 1996 when ideas were rolling and the first “smarts” were on the road.

Additionally, according to Gizmag, the smart brand is the 5th “most reliable” car brand available in the USA. And this is just after only 11 years after smart opened it’s doors.

> Roomy inside
> Fun to drive
> Great millage for a non-hybrid 33 city / 41 highway
> Low cost starting at $11,990 (Pure) and $13,990 (Coupe)
> Safe, Electronic Stability Program helps hold the slick roads
> Safe, Full driver and passenger front airbags and side airbags for head and thorax protection come standard.
> Safe, tridion safety cell protects you in a crash

> Only seats 2 people
> STUPID CLUELESS People who are WRONG will tell you it’s unsafe

Get the Smart Car, the ESP can deal with the slick roads.

there are no pros to this car.

the con is that you will not survive a crash in this little tin box.

one day some mexican will be barrelling thru like a bat outta hell driving a 4×4 chevy , run you over, and not even see you.

if you buy one of these things…..please get life insurance. Your

relatives and next of kin will thank you.

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