The New Driver’s Seat – Smart Car vs. Hummer

The New Driver’s Seat correspondents Andrew Comrie-Picard and Jen Horsey try to fit as much furniture in a Smart Car as in a Hummer. The biggest names in the automotive scene join forces with expert automotive journalists to bring you the next generation in automotive television: The New Driver’s Seat.

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These two cars are each for totally different use, this show is pointless, and so are the comments here. The smart car is a turbocompressed propulsion city car, of course it can’t go offroad… Like any other. There’s absolutely no point in mentioning that 😀 @Trigun075 you know there are people who like this car so don’t be rude. I used to think like you…until I drove one 😉

BUT the smartcar can’t even make it to the jungle, because it can’t go offroad, like the hummer can. 🙂
if you can’t afford the gas, don’t get a hummer. it’s that simple.

because you can buy the parts at a toy store and just add it on. Where do you get the 70 miles per gallon from? what are you running on hopes and dreams. Get real, you be lucky if you get 40mpg.

What about cleaning the back of the Hummer?
You’d also be the biggest asshole in the world. If you had smashed into the smartcar with a much better car of much more reasonable size, such as, say, a Mazda 3 (or even a goddamn Impala or something), he’d probably survive.
Oh, and you wouldn’t have to sell your house to pay for the gas it cost you to drive to a middle of a jungle in a Hummer.

This video proves nothing, really. If the bitch bought the same shit the dumbass bought, she’d be able to throw about twice as much shit in there. And hauling shit isn’t what the Hummer is made for. Now challenge the Smart car to an offroad race through the mountains, then we’ll start talking about the better vehicle.

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