Test Drive the Smart Car

PressPassTV’s Troy Hale takes you to the midwest unveiling of the Smart Car and gets an inside look at this unique environmentally friendly vehicle that hopes to make as much of a splash on these shores as it has in Europe. For more behind the scenes action, check us out at

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that was a really nice review. thanks 🙂 I like your guys style. I am getting one of these for my new job with the geek squad in the UK.

well guys i am from greece and i am satisfied with the car…despite i hadn’t driven it yet..but there a question arise,what makes the car so costly?i greece the price for the basic one is a 10500 euro..with the same money you can buy a better one…like toyota iq

who the fuck r u? uh w8 i know: sum lame ass gay fag with no friendz a loyal utube commenter and a keyboard hero.

i only worry about idiots who tailgate me, i installed a rear brake light flasher, that seems to keep most ppl off my ass, otherwise, i love my smart!

lol @6:30 car flipped, yeah, perfect timing to talk about the smart’s safety, hahaha, but anyways great vid, u see every aspect of the car

you seem to have a gay fixation, the driver is a smart rep and the other guy is just a guy making a video.

i know a few gays that have smarts (through smart clubs) kinda perfect, seeing they don’t have kids…

as for me, i’m married.

the smart is the perfect car, gets you where you want to go safely and cheaply.

stop being a dork/dickwad!

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