Smart Car Utah’s New Hit

Say bye to big trucks and hello to the Smart Car. The European made vehicle will be the smallest car in the country. They go on sale next year, but already hundreds of Utahns have put in their order.

They’re teeny tiny compared to the big trucks many Utahns drive. ABC 4 measured for ourselves and found it to be about 8’7″ long, and 5’1″ wide. But there was still plenty of room for Bruce Brittain who is 6’4″. While sitting inside, Brittain says, “I have two, three inches of head space, plenty of leg space, I feel comfortable.”

Now to the engine. It’s small but powerful with a top speed of 90 miles per hour. Smart Car representative Steve Weisenberger says, “You gotta remember, it’s half the weight of an average car so your power to weight ratio is actually really good.”

The good gas mileage doesn’t hurt either. Wayne Watson drives a truck, and says, “The mileage per gallon in my truck is eleven. This one’s over forty miles per gallon so that there with price of gas today is why we’re looking at the car.”

And we can’t forget about safety, especially with a car this small. Weisenberger says, “The car is designed with a steel reinforced safety cage which we call a ‘tridion safety cell.'” The car also has four air bags and crumple zones.

These Smart Cars sell for $12,000 – $17,000 depending on the model. There have been over 750,000 of these cars sold in 36 countries.

The Smart Car was created by Swatch and Mercedes, so the name actually stands for Swatch – Mercedes Art.