Brabus SmartFour Edition

If you aren’t familiar with Brabus then I must ask where have you been? They make some truly insane masterpieces for Mercedes and DiamlerChrysler. They don’t hold back and truly turn any masterpiece into an even better work of art.

Twin chrome exhaust pipes and a subtle rear diffuser liven up the back end. The noise coming from that slinky exhaust is more muted grumble than full-on growl.

Attention to detail is apparent everywhere you look in the Smart Forfour Brabus. Even the engine compartment looks the business, with a “Powered by Brabus” badge that will make even the AMG or BMW M crowd jealous.

The 177-hp, 1.5-liter, turbo four-cylinder thrives on torque, not revs. A 0-60-mph time of 6.9 seconds is less than half that needed for a bare-bones Forfour to reach the same speed.