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Review of the smart fortwo on PBS’s MotorWeek

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This is super naughty to post here, but where else? I have pics uploaded on my channel that’ll get canned soon

haha 32 mpg with a 1liter engine; could get better with a 1.8liter 4 door civic.

The only rollover reports in the USA are rollovers that have occured when the vehicle had collided with another. Never has there been a report of a smart rolling on its own like a SUV on a smooth curve.

And if it does rollover, the roof will hold 9,000 lb before it crushes. So you could park a Humvee on there and have plenty of weight to spare.

Yahoo and cars . com (worst car of 2000’s was published by cars . com) are not to be trusted. They have a grudge against the smart.

At 1:36 picture that encounter at 45 mph at an intersection. I’ll keep my regular car and let the tree hugging hippies die before their time in auto accidents.

And you are right!

In the owner’s manual it states that the vehicle will be going through a break-in stage for the first couple thousands of miles. And in that time the engine will most likely use more fuel than it would after break-in. The three main components affected by the break-in stage are the tranny, the engine, and the brakes. The engine will use more gas, the brakes might wear faster, and the tranny might be a little more jittery than normal.

But after the break-in, all good.

She’s just a girl and I’m just another girl looking to eat something… LMAO

Hi folks! I own a 2002 Smart Cabriolet Diesel. I never expected that car to win a race. Lean 41 hp don’t do that trick. But if you ever played with “Lego” or “Playmobil” when you were young, this car is the perfect combination of being a reasonable decission and remain being a “kid in mind”. It’s my 2nd Smart Car and I just love it! I own a BMW 320d staion wagon as well. But, being a Single, a Smart car is just perfect. My opinion: go try it for one week and learn about the advantages!

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