Smart crash

I wouldn’t buy a Smart for fun, but it sure looks safe!!!!

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if you bump a wall, big fucking deal, they advertise the car with an elephant on the roof…great, that happens all the time. You drive one of these pieces of shit into my SUV, you lose everytime, every senario. You’re a little safer than a guy on a moped

it is still a lunch box and you still have to worry about a fly hitting the windshield and killing you

Tell me, does it make sense for someone defending SUVs to say that others should stop driving to lower demand on oil?

well you just keep on thinking that, the rest of us here in reality are still going to be driving what we like for as long as we like. In fact I encourage limpwristed liberals like yourself to give up driving all together! The less demand we have on our oil supply the lower prices will go so the rest of can keep on driving our vehicles and having fun. I’m all for you all being martyrs in the name of something bigger than yourselves. Just keep it to yourself and stop trying to run people’s lives!

Well you know, one of the great things about living in this country is you have the freedom of CHOICE. Meaning you can drive whatever makes you happy. The private sector will react appropriately to the concerns of their customers’. If they want cleaner vehicles, then they’ll build cleaner vehicles or pioneer the technology to make them even more efficient. The answer isn’t going small, the answer is in going big and discovering new roads to a more efficient country and countrymen!

No, the answer to building cleaner vehicles is going small. Which isn’t even necessarily true. There are hybrid SUVs now that get pretty decent mileage for their size, and for people who don’t need those there’s still plenty of functional smaller cars, both hybrid and not, that return very good mileage.
And there are lots of people who want cleaner vehicles. The reason we don’t have electric cars today is because GM was making more money with the internal combustion engine.

Clearly you are an idiot. If you read what I wrote it was about the dichotomy of a mindset that people like you are saving the planet with your hy-brid cars and hypermilers. If you want people to stop driving SUVS you have to give cause for the gas prices to rise that means upping demand. When you lower demand, by driving high mileage cars, then you give the rest of us a price break so we go back and buy what we want. I’m done talking to you. You understand nothing about the real world

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