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According to smart USA”s latest newsletter, they will be launching a “smart fan site” of their own in the coming month! That would be awesome but it leaves me with a few questions… who the hell is going to run that thing. has any automotive-maker ever attempted this before? Does smart USA think they have any idea what it takes to run a community site and the type of backlash that they may be opening themselves up to? Best of luck Smart USA!

Follow the link to read what smart USA is saying!!!

From the smart USA newsletter:

“For those of you who recently made a $99 reservation on a 2008 smart fortwo – congratulations! You have become part of the exciting launch of the smart brand in the USA. But what’s next? Over the next few weeks, smart USA will begin posting important information on our website (and on our e-newsletters) about key aspects regarding the launch.

The next step in the reservation process:
The USA models of the smart fortwo will begin production within the next few months. As such, smart USA will begin contacting reservation holders about taking reservation preferences to the next step. Over the next few months, batches of reservation holders will be contacted to confirm their vehicle preferences, choose any factory options, and send their smart fortwo configuration to the factory.

Technical specifications:
As noted above, the smart fortwo will enter production within the next few months. At that time, full technical specifications will be confirmed and posted on our website. This will also include information on all factory-installed options and dealer-installed accessories.

The smart USA enthusiasts’ site:
Next month, smart USA will launch an official “fan site” for the smart owners. This site will allow enthusiasts from across the country to interact and discuss their smart fortwo’s. smart USA will also allow enthusiasts to help name our site through a special poll. So please keep an eye on your inbox over the next few weeks to participate in the naming of our owners’ site.”

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