Smart Car Oil Change

This a video of me changing the oil in my 2008 Smart Car.

7 thoughts on “Smart Car Oil Change

  1. Great video! Thank you for putting this together. I viewed it several times before performing the “inaugural” oil change on my 2008 smart pure. Things went fairly well with no real surprises. One thing I learned: a 15/16 inch socket is the equivalent of a 24 mm socket; so I did not even need to buy a new metric socket for this oil change job.
    On the plus side, Kragen/O’Reilly/CSK is stocking the replacement oil filter for $3.49 for their private label brand.
    Hope this helps – and thanks again!

  2. just think your self lucky the europeon models dont have a sump plug you have to suck it out of the dipstick

  3. Nice vid we took our 08 passion to the HBL dealer in Tysons for the first service .
    $388.00 for the SERVICE!!!!!!
    Next vid make one about how to reset the service interval

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