smart car hayabusa

hayabusa bike engined smart car 0-60 in under 4 seconds

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What the offset 40mph test between the Smart and the Mercedes C300, which mind you isn’t a big car. The Smart did REALLY bad. Probably major head injuries and internal organ damage. C300 driver would have been unscathed.

Been wondering that too, I’ve seen different tests on these things and even though it is built to withstand impacts, they agreed that it’s still no match against a a something something far larger, such as a pickup truck.

im picking mine up on monday! White exterior with black body accents, black leather, and the full package with tacomiter and clock. i cant wait!

actually, there have been many many cases of crashes in smart cars in excess of 70 mph where not only were the passengers easily able to exit the car, but they were relatively unharmed. One crash, on the highway at 75 mph, into multiple trees and a road barrier, and involving significant airtime, left the arriving officer calling the morgue as soon as he saw what was left of the car. little did he know, the passenger already left the car without difficulty and was talking to witnesses, unharmed!

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