Smart Car for the U.S.A.

Lately I have been considering how the U.S.A will interpret the upcoming Smart Car USA version. I mean honestly how can someone not like the $10,000 price tag and the wonderful gas mileage in the upwards of 47 miles per gallon! The debate truly comes down to safety, will it be taken as a safe car and not an expensive toy.

As a consumer we should be intelligent enough to make our own educated decisions regarding purchasing cars. It shouldn’t be up to a spokesman to tell us one way or another. American consumers want availability as well as gas efficiency in this day and age. If a well designed, well built car that offers maximum fuel efficiency why would anyone complain?

What one toy is to someone is not a toy to another, I don’t want campers and off roading vehicles although others find that as their toys.

For some of us commuting is a way of life, we work maybe 40 – 50 miles from our homes and want to travel as cheapily and efficiently as possible. Some of us have the liberty of traveling without the need for luggage and passengers. We don’t need excess horsepower or cargo to tie us down. Welcome the Smart Car, a blessing in disguise.

Only time will tell the extent of the Smart Car in the U.S.A, I only hope that it will take off like the Scions and other smaller vehicles have.

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