Smart Car Eleanor

Here is something that you don’t usually see, a Smart Car Eleanor version. You know the Mustang that became ever so famous from the movie Gone in 6O Seconds? Well welcome to the Smart Car version.

The design study was made in clay on a regular smart toy model.
The sculpting was done directly on the body of a smart car provided by Chrysler. To quickly get volume to the sculpt we use a special mix of foam and styrofoam.
When this mix has hardened we sand it down to the shape we want and then apply plaster that will provide us with a smooth enough surface after sanding it so it’s ready for the paintjob.
After the sculpt is completed and painted it’s time to make moulds from it. The moulding process starts with figuring out where to split the mould so you can take it apart. For each seam a plane has to be in place to be able to assemble the entire mould. Once the mould is done at has to be prepared for casting which involves covering up the seams with special clay and then wax it enough so that the mould won’t get stuck to the body surface.

See the pictures to see how the Smart Car Eleanor came to be…

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