Smart Car 451 Exhaust Upgrade Doug Thorley Smart Car Cat-Back Exhaust Center Dual Tip Upgrade

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I would like to get the smart car to travel from state to state because it gets like 41 miles to a gallon of gas, but getting a smart car for the sake of going “green” is BS. And anybody that would drive like a moron in ANY car doesn’t deserve to drive. Drive responsibly people no matter what car you drive.

your organs would probobly rib out of your chest and abdominal area because of the gforce. if you want fuel economy plus safety get a god damn toyota prius.

The car is a lot safier than many others, starting with ESP, Airbag and ABS, something many don’t have. With an accident like this, i think you wouldn’t survive even in a tank

People, the amount of energy that is transfering through that car into YOU the human is 500% greater than you would get in a larger vehicle.
In a perfect world this car would be fantastic if all the OTHER cars were this small.
Put this car up against my GMC Yukon XL and tell me which one was the smart buy.
Im sorry but I want to LIVE and less the dmg I might get when in a vehicle accident.

well the driver/passenger would not survive for sure, but it doesn’t look like the frame was tweeked to bad, looks like a quick trip to maacco and it’ll be back on the rode

What does it matter if the car body isn’t crashed if the stress would kill you anyway…

It would definitly be a lot easier cutting people out of the car. seems pretty sound.

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