Should I buy a new Smart car ForTwo?

smart car

Mine is going to be delivered from France to the States in Mid-May 2009. Should I buy it?

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For it’s size and cost it really doesn’t get great gas mileage. You could buy a Honda Fit and have more room and almost as good mileage.

Those things are nothing but novelty cars. There is NO cargo space, I’ve seen people at the grocery store and they have all their groceries piled into the passenger seat.
Those things are just NOT practical when you get right down to it.
It’s basically a scooter with four wheels.

And I have seen them for sale locally — I live in Birmingham and there’s a Mercedes dealership that sells them.

No you should not. End of story. Spend your 15k on something more useful, cause that’s what those things cost. They’re aimed at the European market for a reason. They’re useless everywhere else.

Nope, I believe it’s one worst cars you can buy.

Underpowered, small, overpriced, needs premium fuel, looks ugly. You could buy a small 4-door sedan with about the same price and fuel economy.

i have a roadster and the original fortwo and its the best commuter for me that ive ever had and my mom has the forfour so theyre pretty good cars

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