Most People Crammed Into A Smart Car

This is one SMART Guinness World Record! A total of 14 members of the Ascension Eagles Cheerleaders squeezed into a standard Smart Car on the set of Guinness World Records: A Few Records More in London, UK on 11 Sept 2004.

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This has to be one of the most ridiculous vid here. The cameraman sounds like a retard with his stupid laugh and more when he tries to sing. all in all, I give this shit.. minus 50

hahah, no offense, but youd think that for that small of a car, u would be able ot get it in the parking spot.

yeah these things are a waste of money. i went by a dealership and had to stop and see how much the thing was. i was suprized to see it was over 18,000. i was expecting 10 or less. i mean its like half a car. so it gets 40 mpg, my 95 honda civic gets that and looks better. but the new chevy aveos get about the in mgp also and they are between 10 and 11000 and you get more room.

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