Is there a Smart Car built for more then 2 people?

smart car

I cant seem to find an electric car capable of highway speeds built for more then just 2 people. The smart car is the cheapest I have found, but I have a baby on the way and they just dont have enough space…
Here in Oregon I have seen plenty of Smart cars on the highway…in the slow lane, but definetly on the highway…

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Yes, and no. There is a Smart car for more than two people, called the Smart Forfour. It seats four-five people, depending upon whether you have buckets or a bench seat. The car is available with an electric engine, and has four doors for easier access. It looks a lot like a giant golf cart. The plug-in electric hybrid version is a conversion of the original car done by either Lithium Technology Corporation or Zytek Systems, depending upon your preference.

The no section is that the vehicle isn’t offered in the United States, even as a gas-powered vehicle, and the car has ended production as of late 2006, so you can’t buy it new anywhere.

Also, the car likely wouldn’t be capable of sustained highway speeds, as the top speed of the car is around 55 miles-per-hour, and we all know that running an electric-powered vehicle of any kind at full power equals a very short runtime.

There are other alternatives, though. If you’re after the best gas mileage, you can look at a Volkswagen Diesel, which can get up to 52 miles per gallon in the Beetle and 45 miles per gallon in the Golf, Jetta, and Rabbit. There are also some hybrids that can get up to 42 miles per gallon, but that’s city mileage, not highway. Highway mileage is generally in the mid-30s. These are the Honda Civic Hybrid and Toyota Prius. And, if you really want to save money, you can get a Chevrolet Aveo, Hyundai Accent, or Kia Rio for under $12,000, and still get four doors, good gas mileage, highway speeds, an outstanding warranty, and a lot more room than a Smart Car.

The only electric car out right now capable of sustained highway speeds is the Tesla Roadster, which is a two-seat sportscar that’s basically an electric-powered, slightly lengthened Lotus Elise with different styling. It costs $109,000, so it’s likely out of you budget anyway.

The Smart Cars aren’t exactly capable of highway speeds. They can only go up to 85 or so. Once they hit around 60 they start shaking really bad. Not really safe for a new baby on the way. I’m not sure what your reasoning for a electric car is but if you’re looking for safe vehicle with great gas mileage, low price and capable of highway speeds look into a Toyota Corolla. They’re about the same price range as the Smart Cars and are a lot safer than the Smart Cars.

It is not an electric car and not even a Hybrid. It uses the Mercedes Benz 3 cylinder engine making 71 horsepower. It only gets 41 miles per gallon. Some bigger, more powerful, more reliable gas cars get similar gas mileage.

There is the Smart Fortwo-seats to people. Came out in 1998 in Europe and 2008 in America.

There is the Smart Forfour, a longer version of the Fortwo, but with back seats. Not sold in America.

There is the Smart Roadster, a light weight 2 seater sports car, not sold in America.

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