Is the Smart car and micra car same thing,if not what are the difference?

smart car

sorry it is micro car not micra

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No they are not. Smarts are made by Mercedes (they don’t carry the badge though), and the Micra model is from Nissan. Living here in Germany, I see plenty of both on the road. Hope that helps.

smart cars are small plastic cars made by mercedes in germany today
micro cars were small cars made of metal by plane manufacturers from about 1930-1950. most famous of these would be the mesherschmidt three wheeler.

NO smart car is so much cooler and faster and made by mercedies and i could go on and on all day but i cant be bothered

Both are small two seaters. Microcars are ultralight cars that can be driven on a Motorbike license as they are legally classed as Quadricycles. Be warned that Quadricycles do NOT have to meet crashworthiness standards and will come off badly even in minor accidents

The Smart is heavier and is legally a Motorcar, so has to meet higher crash standards and you have to have a car license to drive one 🙂

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