is the smart car a reliable car?

smart car

the smart car is coming out in the usa pretty soon…just wondering if its a reliable car…

also…i know insurance rates are different in other countries but what is the average insurance rate for this car? is it about the same as others?

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made by mercedes so yes…but there are no unreliable new cars any more.

insurance rates for small cars tend to be higher in the US due to increased medical bills if you get hit. Conversely in the UK, big engined cars go faster and medical care is free so insurance is cheaper on small cars.

I had a Smart car when they first came out, I was living in The Netherlands at the time. Very cool cars if you are always in the city, I really liked mine. I got rid of it when I moved to Germany cause here there are no speed limits and the Smart only runs up to 140km per hour- very slow for Germany. I bought an Audi TT with 224HP

The Smart’s a reliable wee car. Here in UK it’s a similar insurance group to the small Fords, Fiats and Renaults which I guess you don’t get over there, put it this way, here it’s cheaper to insure than a Golf or Focus.
I also admire you for having the courage to drive such a small, economical car in the land of the 10mpg SUV, or are you just going to have it slung off the back of a Chevy Suburban, like a dinghy on a motor launch?!

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