Is the Mitsubishi smart car a good buy?

smart car

I am thinking of buying one and need to know the pros and cons …

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Not as fuel efficient as the diesel engined Smart but will get over 40 mpg. Its a great car to commute in, many improvements over the first generation Smart. Cons, you can get many cars that get equally good or better mileage and have more room. Smart cars are a bit quirky, you either love them or not. I fell in love with the design the first time I saw it in Europe in 98. Smart is wholly owned by Mercedes, Mitsubishi makes the 1000 cc 3 cylinder engine for the N. American market.

not if your drive on the Hwy over 50 mph.

for short trips in the city it’s good.

but the ride is choppy and shifting it has it’s learning curve.

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