Is it smart to leave a volvo with the car doors unlocked?

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Is it smart to leave a $15,000 Volvo on the drive way with the car doors unlocked even if its in a relatively “safe” neighborhood everyday?
That is what my step father does and I question his common sense alot.

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As long as the keys are not in the car it is common.
Believe me if a person wants to “get” into a car and take it, the door locks are a minor problem. This way the radio may get jacked, but most person will leave the car alone, except the pros.

nowdays it’s not safe to leave any car unlocked anywhere. Now i have to admit i live way out in the boondocks so i frequently leave my car unlocked with keys in it but it’s fourteen years old and cant do more than 75 without getting the death wobble. But it’s not just the car that’s at risk but everything in it too. best to be on the safe side. what does it take but a couple seconds to press the lock/unlock button everytime you get in and out… really

Probably not a great idea, but in the interest of family harmony, just don’t leave your stuff in his car. It’s not your problem if the car gets stolen (though with modern anti-theft technology, most ill-intentioned individuals are actually stealing parts, like air-bags and hubcaps).

If an unsavory character finds out your step father could find his car gone one day.

Just because your neighborhood is good doesn’t stop unsavory people from coming into it. Theives who are determined will find a way even if he did lock it.

I live in a safe neighborhood and I still lock my car when I get out its a force of habit. Plus with electronic locks I just press a button and its done.

One of my firends lives in a gated community and they frequently leave their Mercedes unlocked and the keys in the car. When I left my car there for a few days at his house he said just leave the keys in the car unlocked under then mat. It was far from normal practice and something I would never do again just cause I was worried about my car

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