Is it smart to buy a car of ebay?

smart car

I want to buy a car off ebay, but i dont kno if it is a smart idea. And if you have or know someone that has bought a car off ebay did that get what they wanted??

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i guess that depends on the rating of the person you are dealing with on ebay. i know someone who got what they wanted but the seller had a high approval rating.

I personnally haven’t, but hopefully if the vehicle you are looking at is in your area, You might want to take the time to look at it in person, to make sure and ask questions about anything possible. It is a matter of trust, by their word and such. If they can’t answer your questions good, then I’d shy away from the sale.

I was recently looking around for a car, and thought about going on EBAY.

However I thought agian , and thought about the risks, and decided not too.

Unless you can get to see the car physically , You are just going on what you read about it, and get told about it, and see it in pictures.
There is always more to something , than what the photos show, more often , the seller is not going to show any of hte ‘ bad parts ‘ of the car.

Think too , If you have to go and pick it up , there is added cost, of getting down to pick it up , and then fuel on top , driving it home.

Overall , I wouldnt buy a car on ebay , unless you go and have a good look at it first, get it checked out by a registred Mechanic or unless you know alot about cars, and make sure you find out all the History of the car, make sure its not owing money etc.

Otherwise you could find yourself out of pocket alot of money .

only if you’re looking for something hard to find. There are zillions of used cars in the world.

A friend of mine got himself a car off ebay and he got a great deal
He is very happy with it..

No its not a good idea to buy one off e-bay,,i have a friend who bought a used car off e bay,,when he went to pick it up ,,it would not start,,they had to rent a dolly to get it home with,,and after spending an unreal amount of money on it,,they finally got it to run,,and the insides of it smelled like a animal had died in it,,he bought it just from a picture he seen of it,,and once you pay for it..your stuck with it,,this has been over a year ago,,and he is still mad over it,,you can try t if you want to,,but remember,,you cant see it or hear it run,,your buying just from a picture,,and your taking someones word that it is good,,and you don’t even know that person,,good luck if you buy one.

I’ve purchased a car from eBay. You need to ask many questions that are not listed in the auction that are important to you. Do your research (i.e. how much it will cost to ship the car, get several shipping quotes, get a CARFAX, find out the market price for the car), and if after you have done your research on the car, use an escrow company to do the transaction. Some escrow companies will even send out a technician to inspect the car if you are considering the purchase sight unseen.

If you have done your homework, chances are good that you will get a car than you want at a good price.

i’ve bought 2 off ebay , and had friends buy as well. sometimes you win some you lose myself i got from a dealer listing on ebay . a friend got one from an indivdual his was junk then another friend got one from another lady, it was 2 years old with 500 miles (death in family) full waranty. morale of the story always ask the questions even if its dumb check the carfax report, and ebay has links to help in the purchase use those links and ask more questions hope this helps

I wouldn’t attempt it if you don’t know much about cars. You need to know what you are looking for and what questions you need to ask the seller. You need to be willing to have the car shipped if it’s not in your area and that will add a few hundred dollars to the price. I am always looking at cars and bikes on e-bay just for investment or restoration but those are hard to find. I bought a Harley on e-bay, the seller had no info on it except that it didn’t run and it needed a starter, there was no battery with the bike. I won the auction, drove about 350 miles to pick it up. It was not as pretty as the pictures made it look. On the way home I stopped and put a battery in it and hit the start button, it cranked over no problem but I didn’t start it because the oils were drained out. When I got home I put oil in it and started it right up. This is a case of the seller not knowing what he was talking about but it worked out in my favor. I rebuilt the carb, put on two new tires, cleaned the bike and made a thousand dollar profit without even trying to sell the bike. E-bay works if you know what you are doing, otherwise I wouldn’t buy something I couldn’t see and drive first.

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