Is a Honda Fit really that much better than a Smart Car?

smart car

I was considering a smart car but my research and other opinions have suggested the honda fit. what makes the honda fit so great in comparison to a smart car?

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the smart car has absolutely no room for storage.

honda fit is going to take much more gas (which is very little) compared to other cars but a smart car costs more then a fit so maybe it would balance yourself out in the long run.

a honda fit has room for more then 2 passengers, it has a proven name and the parts if you ever need them are gonna be a lot cheaper then a mercedes benz smart car……

if saving money on gas is your goal, either car is good for u…..if you want a bit more comfort and flexibility with your cars workload, such as passengers and luggage…..go for the Fit!

LOL LOL to TAPDIVA, your smart car is not ugly but rather cute………but the Honda Fit is ugly but at least it’s not cute…..

Beats me…I own a Smart Car and LOVE IT!!! Plus Honda Fits are UGLY! Plus the Fit only gets 36 on the highway and the smart car gets 45 so there is one solved! And to the person above me….they are the same price!! And the smart car has more space than you think….go test drive one and I guarantee you will fall in love!

unless you are going to be the only one driving it fit but if you have a family definently a smart car!

I actually own a Fit and highly recommend it. It has a LOT more storage than the Smart Car (I looked at those, too) and in my opinion it is a lot better looking than the Smart Car. Especially the Sport Version.
I have an automatic which gets about 36 on the highway and about 31 on streets. I’ve never had a problem with the car and I actually like it a lot. The seats fold down all the way (it is so easy my 7 year old niece can do it) and you can fit a lot of stuff in there.
Yes the Smart Car has good gas mileage but after awhile you start to feel really cramped.
I would recommend you test drive both to see which you prefer. As for the Fit just stick to the Sport Version. The base model is pretty bland.
Good luck!

You can take research and opinions only so far. Car preferences are very personal, and potentially expensive. The best way to decide which one is right for you is to test drive both cars.

A Honda Fit is a car. The Smart is an idea with 4 wheels. Every car enthusiast that has driven one of these complains about its crappy jerky late shifting transmission. It’s probably fine in some European inner city but is it practical for any kind of highway use? It really doesn’t get good enough fuel mileage to endanger yer life. At least the Fit has a ‘crush zone’. Smart blows its own horn about its safety cage,however if you hit a wall say @ 50, you go from 50 to zero in 1/10 of a second…..only once. Buy the Fit, or a Yaris, drive safely and happily for 200k miles. Who’s smart now?

I’ve seen the Smart Car around, but I haven’t looked at one up close, they are VERY small….and I have a family, so I need something a little bigger….
I bought a Scion XD(made by Toyota), which in my opinion is the better looking twin to the Honda Fit….(and the Scion was a little less money)
Obviously you are looking to save money, upfront and also at the gas pump……
These are vehicles that I recommend you look at….research them online, test drive them….take your time, a vehicle is a major purchase…

Toyota Yaris
Scion XD
Honda Fit
Toyota Prius
Smart Car

I have a feeling that the Smart Cars will eventually be just ‘disposable’ little cars (like the Yugo and Ford Festiva)…atleast with the Honda/Scion/Toyota cars, your car will still be running and still be worth $$ after 5+ years….

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