Insurance companies that cover the SMART car in the USA?

smart car

I am in the market for a car and found the SMART car, it hasnt come over the pond yet, but im really interested in purchasing it when it does. a few things first im a first time driver. is this a good car for a first time driver. second anyone drive the smart car any pointers like are you happy with it, ect and third in teh USA does anyone know if any insurance companies will cover a first time driver with a SMART car. thanks a bunch

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I’ve seen this smart car and i too am considering it. I should think the big ins cos will cover it provided it meets all the safety standards in the U.S. There’s been little to no hype about this car in the U.S. I am waiting for a complete review by As far as it being a good car for a first time driver, I should think so. Good luck.

i go for “look insurance” or” LA insurance”they are funny names but Look is probably cheaper . they don’t go by points they just give u insurance that are just liable.
i highly recomend full coverage on cars except for trucks cause they have good metal bumper not fiber etc so they do goods and wont even get damage that much . but for others cars i would say get full coverage cause when u hit it on the curb u would at least need a radiator ball joints tie rod bumper and u name it plus maybe 2 front tires and rims .

Any insurance company should cover this car like any other car. I’ve seen the smart car in the US so I don’t know where you got that info from. I’ve also seen those cars in Germany, those suckers are fast. Probably would be a good one for first time driver, but they’re small, don’t plan on hauling alot of friends or anything else for that matter.

For insurance if you go online and do a insurance quote from a comparison site it will compare prices for you then you look at the cheapest and there you have it, here’s a good one that can help with that
btw, this is WAY more practical than a Smart car

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