I’m buying a ‘re-mapped’ Smart car. Should I declare it to the insurance company?

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i didn’t want a remapped car but this one came along and I wondered whether I could risk not declaring it as it means £362 as opposed to £241! Any pointers welcome!

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just say you didnt know it was remapped if anything happens you crash etc. Its not likley that it will get found out as its to do with the electronics of the engine the (ICU), its not like a body mod etc or you have put new alloys on etc.

I put new alloys, K&N filter and a new exhaust on my last car and had a crash i didnt declare any of it and got my car fixed no probs.

Dont buy it they are one of the ugliest cars on the road, if you want a small economical car there are plenty to choose from

Yes, you need to declare it.
If you have an accident and it is found to be “modified” and you did not declare it then your insurance would be null and void.


Don’t try to be smart(sorry about the pun) declare it that way when things or if things go wrong you don’t have the insurance company pulling the rug from under you. I do not know what remapped is.
They are such ugly cars that somehow they are attractive and benign

If you don’t declare modifications to your insurance company you may not be covered in the event of an accident. Not only will you have to pay for any damage caused to your car or to a third parties you will also be charged with insurance fronting.
You could just get the car set back to its original map by bringing it to an engine tuner

its your duty as the policyholder to disclose any information that you think is a material fact for example modifcations

because if you had an accident and they found out it has been modified they can null and void your policy from inception and you may find it difficult to get insurance in the future

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