If your 16 year old daughter threatens not to talk to you ever again if you buy a “Smart Car”?

smart car

Would you buy it and hope she keeps that promise? She does kind of have an attitude issue….

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That would mean my 16 year old daughter is a brat and she’s going to get dropped off at the military academy in the smart car I just bought… FOR HER.

I’d look at it as a blessing. If she doesn’t like your car, she can take the bus, and you’ll have a nice peaceful joyride without a 16 year old girl bitching in your ear the whole time.

of im 16 though..and i wouldnt stop talking to my parents for that reason..i would find it funny..i know they would do it on purpose.

Holy crap no! Your daughter is being a spoiled little 3 year old she’s gotta get over it or shes gonna die out there in the real world!

smart cars suck 😐 she’s kinda right in that sense. and the attitude should be expected from the day you found out she was concieved 🙂 terrible 2’s 4’s 16’s and 18’s. its statistically proven that those ages are the ones with the ‘attitude’ problems.

eh. well from a kids pov. smart cars dont say teen. but then again, you’re paying for the car she isent

what is she talkin about?
the smart car is the coolest!
=) she just wants her own car. im sure if she has her own.. she wont care what YOU drive as long as she’s not with you.

That’s quite a dramatic statement! Unfortunately (and more likely than not), she won’t stick to her word. She’s probably just embarrassed – a typical hormone induced symptom of being a teenager. Don’t take this personally – most teenagers (particularly females) are embarrassed of everything their parents may like.

I know this is a trying time for you both, but she’ll grow out of it a lot sooner than you think – give it a year or two.

I’d buy one, and I might make her sign a statement swearing to keep her end of the bargain.

u mmmm not to get all in the fambily bizznezz ….. but Eleanor said she’d LOVE it if you bought her a smart Car … She also said she’d never forget this kindness …. I ….er …. er …. er … She would like the car in Baby blue …. she say’s it will compliment her eyes.

You know the funny thing about us parents is that when they’re babies we can’t wait for them to say their first words, then they get older and we can’t get them to shut up. Kinda makes you wonder what we were thinking…. buy the car, maybe you’ll get lucky and she’ll keep the promise.
: )

They should be coming up with a “Smart SUV” pretty soon. Tell her you’ll get that instead.

tell her that you will get one but she’ll be the one that will have to generate the eco friendly energy that powers it

it’s only fair right

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