How much storage does a Smart car have?

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Smart cars are now my favorite cars ever! They’re literally everything I want in a car <3. So I'm wondering, for any of you who actually own one; is there any other storage than just the dashboard? If not, can this be fixed or can the car at least be formatted to hold more? If you're wodnering what they look like, here's a link

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If you’re expecting lots of space to fill up with baggage and crap, you’re not going to find it in a Smart car. There is a small boot/trunk, the glovebox and center console, and that’s about it. If you want something to carry a bunch of stuff, you might want to get a minivan.

I do not have one but I love the way they look and stuff and checked into them myself for driving to work and back. They have very limited storage. They have storage in the doors, by the steering wheel and glove box. Of course if it were only you in the car you could set things in the 2nd seat. I have been told they are very roomy to drive and even a 6 foot person has no trouble. So maybe if you are short you would have a little room behind the seat for storage. They only seat 2 people with is a downfall for me. I would hate to not have the option of a 3rd or 4th person not being able to ride. Maybe you can purchase some sort of cargo carrier for the top of the car? Not sure.

Add: I found this on storage on the website you posted “The smart fortwo has a rear storage area that can accommodate active lifestyles. Surprisingly, the fortwo has 8 cubic feet of storage space – 12 feet if you load up to the roof line. This area can easily fit numerous bags of groceries, gym bags and other items that are commonly transported every day, including golf clubs! The rear storage area can also accommodate many sizes of luggage making trips to the airport convenient.

The front passenger seat also folds down creating additional space for other items such as skis.”

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