How long is the wait currently for a smart car?

smart car

and how much can i negotiate for a new one?
Would it just be better to buy from an owner, obviously if the wait is so long.

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Waiting list right now is about 9 months.
You will pay MSRP. The dealer will not negotiate.

Edit – Many people are selling them on ebay, but you have to make sure to watch for scams and you may end up paying over MSRP.
Personally, I don’t think it is worth it. I know they are kindof a niche thing and a little cool, but I would go get a good deal on another vehicle like the Honda Fit or Toyota Yaris. These are more functional vehicles.

I don’t get the thought of needing to use PREMIUM fuel in a 70 horsepower econocar.

That just does not make sense for an alleged budget vehicle.

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