Fifth Gear – The Ultimate Smart Car

Tom Ford goes extreme off-roading in a one-off monster truck version of the Smart that has been mated to a Unimog.

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Nope, I was left with a basketball-sized dent in my front fender and so was he in his rear fender. Like I said, he lied to the cops, and no one stopped as witness, so he got away with it! I refused to get it fixed and sold the car a few months later. What makes it even worse is that he thought I flipped him off and got road rage, so he did it on purpose! I didn’t even flip him off.

That’s absolute shit.
Why’d the cops take his story over yours? Or you just didn’t get the chance to do it yourself..?

If someone did something like the beginning of this video to me I’d slow down to a crawl on purpose.

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