Ferrari vs. Smart Car, An Ass Whipping – Video of the week featuring a 200 hp GSX-R powered Smart Car smoking a Ferrari. Talk about a sleeper.

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Well, for USA is the worst car in 10 years because this car can´t move their fat asses with the power and speed of their mustangs, also, they don´t fit on this nice car and it doesn´t produce as much pollution as the mustang does, that doesn´t like North Americans, they want pollution and big and noisy things. Thats why it is 1 of the 10 worst cars in 10 years (since it came out to the market).

If you think that for the egg car (for2), the Smart Roadster would impress you even more, it is the best Smart car ever produced, can´t compare with for2.

Damn Morgan Paige is ultra cute 🙂 Ummm oh ya so I was going to say that the smart that was powered by the CDI engine (diesel) was much better. I think that was the Mercedes engine as someone pointed out. The only thing I wish is that the car was offered with a true manual but no such luck.

You are smoking the wrong stuff. The statistics you quoted are from the desiel engine. If the Versa has the desiel engine, it would produce the same if not better results. What a retards.

I was right, the internet just voted the smart for two is one of the top 10 worst car of this decade (decade not year). I will give it another six months for the dealers to phase out the sale.

hmmm no back seat well there goes the dating thing and having fun in the back seat no more

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