Driver reviews of the Smart car?

smart car

I wanted to hear from people who have a Smart car, is it reliable, how is the cost to keep it running do you recommend it
My wife wants a small car for herself and her choices were either a Volkswagon bug or the smart car

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just type into search box
year model problems

type into search box
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reviews year model

go to youtube and watch the smart car crash tests and then tell me if you still want to buy one.

According to Gizmag, the smart is rated #5 for reliability (Honda will always score #1).

Also through long term testing, the little smart has proven to cost less in the long run than any other full petrol powered vehicle.

Here are my equations for how much I’m saving with a smart compared to a Yaris and a Prius:

smart fortwo: 41mpg after break in (EPA estimate for highway) equates to a 357mi range on one 8.7 gallon tank. At current local gas prices ($2.70 Premium) the smart gets that 357mi with only $23. Not bad, weekly lunch costs more than that.

Okay now to a Prius, estimating 48mpg (EPA estimate for highway) after break in and with an 11.9 gallon tank this equates to a range of 571mi. And with gas ($2.50 Unleaded) it would cost $30. Not bad either, for ten more bucks you could go 200 more miles.

Now to the Yaris, estimating 36mpg after break in (EPA estimate for highway) and with its 11.1 gallon tank it has a range of 399mi (one less than a smart) but it requires extra gallons to reach that and with the gas ($2.50 Unleaded) it will take $28 to fill up a Yaris.

Here are the standings:

Prius – $30 – 571mi – 48mpg
Yaris – $28 – 399mi – 36mpg
smart – $23 – 357mi – 41mpg

Now lets consider buying price and later purchases (batteries):

Base models:

smart fortwo pure – (automated manual transmission) $11,990 – no A/C – no power accessories (excluding locking), no radio. side airbags included

Yaris – (manual transmission) $12,205 – CD player standard, A/C, side airbags NOT included but are “optional” (receives “POOR” for side impact safety without it)

Prius – (automatic) $22,000 – CD player standard, Eco A/C, side airbags included

Fully Loaded:

smart fortwo cabriolet (convertible) – (automated manual) $20,000 – Navigation with Bluetooth and iPod control, leather seating/heating, fog lamps, security system with immobilizer, power steering. Etc…

Yaris (2 dr coupe) – (automatic) $22,157 – iPod compatible stereo, power upgrades, style upgrades, safety upgrades, security system.

Prius – (automatic) $35,173 – eco friendly materials, navigation, remote start, solar panel cooling.

Prius battery change – every 100,000-200,000 miles/ 8 years at a price of $2,500.

Yearly costs (if driven 1,000mi a month):

Prius – $612 @ 1.7 fill ups a month @ $30 a fill up @ $2.50gal
smart – $773 @ 2.8 fill ups a month @ $23 a fill up @ 2.70gal
Yaris – $843 @ 2.51 fill ups a month @ $28 a fill up @ $2.50gal

With those $194 gas savings it’ll take a Prius 94 years to offset the cost of a smart. And that does not include the 100,000-200,000mi/ 8 year battery change.

Parts cost of the smart: (these high strength body panels awarded the smart “GOOD” for bumper crush resistance tests)(this is if your insurance company does not pay, out of pocket etc.):

$190 for single body part
$1,000 for whole new body replacement (including installation)

Parts cost on “traditional” cars (Prius, Yaris, F-150):

$1,000 – $2,000+ for single part
$8,000+ for full body replacement

So overall, the smart is the cheaper car. It does offer a bit less performance and 2 less seats than other cars but the payoff is great. The combination of safety and design makes the smart a revolutionary car. And driving it does nothing but put a big smile on your face.

Maintenance is so easy a toddler could do the basics, your smartcenter would do oil changes and scheduled maintenance for a small fee of about $120 as compared to $300+ that other companies offer.

Although you can just do your own maintenance…

Say if your dealer screws up and you’re unhappy, you could call the President of smartUSA and talk to HIMSELF! And he’ll set any issues straight.

So if you want more bang for the buck (and more fun!) I highly recommend the smart car.

There are also clubs to join and meet & greets that smart owners enjoy!

Visit my sources for more info!

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