Does anyone own a SMART car?

smart car

After I get another bike I’m looking in to trading my VW passat in for a Smart car. Preferably the cabrio-like one thats a convertible, that thing is sick. 70 hp though wtf anyone actually own one and like it? Any tips and facts an owner can give me about the car?
thanks dsparks

I like the Passion Cabriolet- red/black. Only thing is that I’m in NH, we don’t have any dealers besides Massachusetts

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My Sister In law has one.She has been driving it for about two weeks now. I myself have been on the hwy with it and going 75mph it rides like a larger car.I was impressed by the way it handled and the ride.Thinking about putting a order in for myself for next years model.I think waiting for the next year model will be better to see how the 2008s are doing as far as break downs and such..

If I were to get a smart car, I would want this one. See link below

This one does 0 – 60 in 4.2 seconds.

Standing quarter mile in 12.4 seconds

Tops out at 132 MPH.

If driven right, it would still get better fuel economy than most cars.

If it had quiet mufflers, it would be the ultimate sleeper.

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