Does anyone know if and where the Smart Car is selling in the US?

smart car

A friend just sent me this information and I have been thinking about replacing my old compact for a couple years though it still runs well as the gas mileage is lower than the newer ones. Have you seen the SmartCar, it’s looks like a clown car but they get about 60 miles to the gallon. I don’t think they are selling them in the US but we are only about 15 miles from the Canadian border and you can buy them up there. There are quite a few around here, in bright colors. The small one is a two-seater and they have a bigger one that holds 4. They run about $8,000, but I don’t think the US will allow them a dealorship because they just don’t use much gas.

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yes the smart car is becoming available in the USA, but isnt it a bit too small for USA roads and highways, I d be really frightened to use it there, what with all those Hummers and big SUVS and such. Sort of car you drive around New Yorks Central park as a warden or something. Way too small !

not which one u mean but there is a dealer in Palm Beach Fla selling some sort of mini car similar to one in the movie “Just Married”

There’s an RV dealer on the south side of Reno, NV who’s selling Smart cars, but I think he imports them from Canada and sells them as used cars. I guess they’d be OK for driving around the city, but I wouldn’t want to think about trying to do any long-distance trips in one…

Smart Car is going to sell in the US, but as far as I know the marketing strategy and where it will sell has not been finalized. I think you will see it in the top 100 cities where Mercedes has a stronghold. You will not see this in rural areas unless people go to a big city and buy it. I have read, that as far as a car goes, it’s a decent vehicle, but let’s see once it’s here in the US. Definitely a city dweller vehicle.

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