Does anybody know how to deactivate the passenger airbag in a Smart Car? ?

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I have a 2007 Smart Car, and am expecting my first baby soon. Mercedes sell a special “Smart Baby Seat” but it deactivates the airbag by way of a transponder in the seat. I would rather just deactivate the airbag altogether for a rear-facing baby seat, to be on the safe side…..

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Talk to your dealer and explain the situation. They may have a solution. On the “old” generation smart cars the dash curves away from the passenger seat and if the seat is all the way back I cant see how an inflating airbag would reach that far, so there may not be an issue even if the airbag remains connected, its worth a discussion with someone at the dealership.

Contact the dealer. DO NOT attempt to deactivate it yourself. The results could be disasterous. IF I’m right, a Smart car is a two seater? Some states require children to be in the rear passenger compartment of a car. You may want to check with you state. Either way, let a professional deal with your air-bags.

In the USA, they do require a way to deactivate the passenger airbag in all vehicles without a back seat. My Miata had a key switch you could use with the ignition key.

And if I had turned it off, when I had an accident, by myself and not my fault, the passenger airbag NOT going off would have made the difference in the car not being totaled.

As it is, the passenger air bag went off and the car was totaled.

Check with your dealer.

I can’t understand why you would be willing to jeopardize a baby’s life by placing it in a Smart car anyway.

Those things are like tin cans on wheels. There is NO way I would ever get near one, let alone in one. For God’s sake, they don’t have a back seat. Don’t the makers of Smart cars know that airbags or not, a child seat should NEVER be placed in the front seat of ANY vehicle?

I don’t think there is any “safe side” with a Smart car. That is probably why there are so few of them around.


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