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GPS Nightmare Stories – Don’t Let Your GPS Do This to You!

Each day, drivers depend on their GPS to get them to their final destination. As many drivers have discovered, relying on a GPS for directions can turn into a disaster. While the GPS device is an exceptional technological gadget that help millions of drivers get to their final destination, these devices can also get drivers into trouble if they are not careful. While GPS navigation systems are great to have, many drivers have discovered that these are not always reliable and can lead drivers into peril without any advance warning. It’s never a bad idea to check if you need a factory car navigation repair from time to time. As the drivers in the following stories discovered, relying on a GPS for directions can actually cause many problems.
image credit: Flickr

image credit: Flickr

GPS Device Directed a Driver to Make an Illegal Turn That Caused Major Pileup

Although GPS devices do not always lead drivers down the wrong road all the time or encourage drivers to make illegal turns, these devices are not always perfect. In one such instance in New Jersey, a GPS directed a driver to make an illegal turn that resulted in a multiple car accident. Even though the GPS was responsible for the mistake, the driver received a summons for making an illegal turn. At the end of the day, drivers have to remain in control and decide whether they should make a turn or not.

GPS Misspelling Leads Couple 400 Miles From Their Original Destination

Entering the wrong name into a GPS may lead drivers far from their original destination. As one couple discovered on a trip to Italy, misspelling Capri took them 400 miles away from their original destination to a town that was extremely different from the place they had originally planned to visit. Ultimately, it is up to the driver to make sure the information they enter into the GPS is accurate. However, even when the information is entered into the GPS correctly these devices are not always foolproof.

Driver Loses His Life After GPS Leads Driver to The Wrong Address

As one driver sadly discovered, trusting a GPS can actually cost you your life. After the GPS directed a driver to turn into the wrong driveway in Georgia, he was shot dead by the homeowner who feared that the driver and the passengers had come to invade his home. Unfortunately, trusting his GPS was the last and final mistake this driver ever made. As this case confirms, even when information is entered into a GPS correctly drivers often wind up at the wrong address anyway.

Relying on a GPS After Getting Loss Can Lead to a Near Death Experience

As one family and a visiting friend discovered, relying on a GPS when you get lost can actually lead you to a near death experience if you are not careful. After making plans to head out to Death Valley to visit a museum, the family soon discovered that they were lost. Although had reached their original destination without getting lost that day, they made the decision to veer off the original path to visit another destination. After getting lost on their way to the second decision, the family turned on their GPS confident that it would help lead them back to the highway. Unfortunately, they soon learned that relying on a GPS when you are lost is not always a great idea.

After trying to find their way back to the highway, the GPS actually led the family even further from the highway and into one of the most remote parts of Death Valley. Ultimately, the family found themselves without food, water and gas in a part of Death Valley where the temperatures can climber higher than 120 degrees and get extremely cold at night. With no water, food and fuel, the family was not sure if they would make it out of Death Valley alive. Fortunately, the family was rescued several days later.

GPS Steers Tourists Into Mud and Water Instead of The Road

In another case, three tourists from Japanese discovered that relying on a GPS can be a bad mistake when traveling abroad. While visiting Australia, three Japanese tourists decided to take a road trip to North Stradbroke Island. Unfortunately, the GPS did not alert the driver to the fact that they would be soon be traveling over miles of mud and water. After trying to get back on the main road several times, the tourists were forced to leave their car due to perilous conditions.

At each of these stories confirm, drivers have to remember that GPS navigational devices are not always accurate. To make sure drivers get to their final destinations, drivers should always take the time to conduct research on how to get to and from their destination. This is true even if they plan on using their GPS. By taking the time to find out how to get to and from a destination before heading out, drivers have a better chance of actually making it to their destination.

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Top 5 Lodging Places For Your Road Trip Across Southwestern United States

Seven states are usually considered part of the Southwestern United States. Texas, New Mexico and Arizona are the most southern of these states. Oklahoma, Colorado and Utah as well as Nevada are the other four states that are also considered part of the Southwest. Travelers can visit this region on road trips to explore North American deserts, to understand the history of Native Americans and the growth of the United States across the continent. When in the area, people can find excellent accommodations Southwestern-style.


texasFairfield Inn in Texas:

A contemporary hotel with modern decor that uses the warm and bright colors that are a part of Southwestern art, this Fairfield Inn & Suites is the perfect chose for a stay in El Paso, Texas. Rooms are not crowded, and the beds have comfortable mattresses and pillows. A free and simple breakfast is served each morning. On the western side of the city, the hotel is within walking distance of an authentic Mexican restaurant as well as other restaurants, a cinema and shopping opportunities.

oklahomaRiverwind Hotel in Oklahoma:

Owned by the Chickasaw Nation, this classy hotel in Oklahoma is connected by a walkway with one of the state’s largest casinos, the Riverwind Casino. Located in Norman and less than 30 minutes from the heart of Oklahoma City, the hotel offers a good selection of room packages and spacious rooms with modern decor and comfortable beds. The hotel employees are friendly and helpful. The hotel has a dining room, and the casino next door has a restaurant and fast food options.

new mexicoEl Rey in New Mexico:

Beautifully decorated in the best of Southwestern architecture and decor in the true spirit of New Mexico, El Rey is found in Santa Fe. The grounds are beautiful and so are the clean rooms. All the rooms have good views, but different sizes are available. Some of them have balconies and hot tubs while others are large for families. For romance, some rooms have secluded porches.

arizonaDesert Quail Inn in Arizona:

Only a 5-minute drive from downtown Sedona, the Desert Quail Inn is in a scenic location and has a cafe and shops beside it. Perfect for a desert and red rock getaway, the hotel treats guests like family and provides different room sizes to meet the needs of guests. The rooms are comfortable and all of them are unique with superb views, but only stairs access the second floor.

nevadaEl Rancho Boulder Motel in Nevada:

Just about a half-hour out of Las Vegas, this motel offers Spanish architecture and palm trees in a setting out of the fast-life of the bigger city. The front desk personnel and other staff members are helpful and personable. Spotless and comfortable, the rooms are reasonably priced. The suites and rooms are dated, but well-kept. Right around the motel are multiple options for restaurants and shopping near the heart of Boulder City.

The Southwest has its own distinctive terrain, wildlife and culture with well-defined art forms and popular cuisine, and visitors exploring the region have much to see and do. Finding great lodging options that offer fabulous rooms at reasonable prices help make the trip even more enjoyable. Getting a good night’s sleep is always appreciated when on road trips.