Can I buy a SMART car in Central Florida?

smart car

I think the car is built by a company owned by Mercedes…you know the thing (

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SMART’s aren’t going on sale in the US until early 2008. The dealer network will be set-up in mid-2007.

Some people paid big bucks to import SMARTS from Germany to the US and bring the SMARTS up to US safety standards. A professor from UMD imported 2 SMARTS and spent tons of money in the process. The US version of the SMART will satisfy all US safety and emissions requirements – just be patient….

Not yet. Probably in another 1 – 2 years you shold be able to. Mercedes hasn’t federalized the Smart yet, but are palnning to offer them in the US, probably in 2008 sometime.

2 points. Lol, seriously though, they aren’t available yet, you’ll need to wait a few years yet (1 or 2). A company called BlueWire technologies in Sioux Falls, SD has one though, and me and my family are wondering how the hell they managed to get one. (connections anyone?)

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