Can anyone tell me their experience with their wait for their Smart Car?

smart car

I ordered my car in June 2008. I was let to believe you configure it shortly before it comes to you. Since I have configured it, my delivery date estimated has been unavailable. Last it said was August 2009-October 2009.

Can anyone tell me about their experience?

Thanks in advance.
To the jerk that commented on my question. First of all, I know that the Smart Car is a Smart Fortwo… I bought one. Second of all… if someone said what car are we taking, I would say the Honda… if I had a Honda and a Mitsubishi. Third I didn’t ask what do you think about the Smart Car. I asked what anyone’s personal experience with their wait and configuration time. What an ass.

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1. First of all, you should know that it is called Smart Fortwo.
NOT Smart Car.

No one says Honda car or Ford car or Mitsubishi car. It just does not make sense.

2. It only seats 2 people and the trunk is small.

3. It is only available with a weird and slow shifting automatic transmission.

4. It only uses Premium fuel. 91 octane and better.

5. With a 1.0 Liter 70HP engine and lightweight, it ONLY gets 41mpg highway at best. A more powerful, more reliable, more practical Honda Civic could get 40mpg with careful driving.

6. They are expensive to maintain and fix. Smart is a company owned by Mercedes Benz. That means the same costs and premium fuel.

7. This is NOT a new car. The Smart Fortwo came out in 1998 in Europe. The 2008 or 2009 Smart Fortwo is the same as the 1998 Smart Fortwo. It is a 10 year old design.

8. Very very slow. 0-60mph in 12.6 seconds. Top Speed of 93mph.

The only good things about this car is its safety. Its round frame design makes it a very safe car And it is very easy to park.

I have never ordered smart, but I really hope that your waiting will soon be over. Best wishes 🙂

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