by law you should park a vehicle paralell to the curb, a smart car parks head on, is this legal?

smart car

two cars are paralell parked, and there is not enough space for another car, except a smart car drives into the gap with headlights to curb, which makes it harder for the two cars to move out. this smart car hasn’t been booked yet.

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Local parking ordinances will determine the lawful way to park – either parallel or angle in.

If the smart car is illegally parked, it risks getting a parking ticket.

That’s why Smart Cars were designed, to get into the smallest places in the city. It’s not illegal as long as there are reflectors on the sides of the car (where the brake lights would be if it was parked normally.)

Any laws like this would have been written with cars that couldn’t park like this in mind.

Motorcycles park like this all the time.

I’m guessing if they wanted to fight a ticket for parking perpendicular they’d win.

It’s pretty daft really, what about night time? they won’t be any reflectors showing, so any car could potentially not see it until it’s too late! who would be at fault then?? not very smart!!

Typically there are signs along the road indicating whether cars are supposed to parallel park or whatever, and the smart car technology is not yet smart enough to read those signs.

The smart car has made it impossible for you to leave, and the driver is not there. Legally you should find a cop, get the smart car ticketed and towed, but how long is that going to take?

How illegal would it be for you to push the smart car out into the street (block traffic), then drive away? Now your finger prints are on the smart car, and maybe you on camera.

So first you write a note to stick under the windshield wipers explaining the situation.

YOUR SMART CAR PARKED ILLEGALLY BLOCKING OUR LEGAL EXIT, so we moved you to make it possible for us to get out. You still parked illegally.

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